The adventure of the crowdfunding to realize Capsula Mundi carries on. We reached the 23% of our goal and there are 14 days left.

So many people every day express their passion for the project that we still hope to do it.

Making a donation on Kickstarter is easy and secure. All you have to do is to go on Kickstarter, sign you in (you should write your name, email and password) and then you can choose your reward and leave your credit card’s details.

The money will be transferred only at the end of the project and only if we’ll reach the goal, otherwise you won’t incur any expenditure.

The rewards start from 10 euros for a thank-you email with a postcard attached, up to 310 euros for the Capsula for ashes (but you can still get it at 250 euros!). In the middle, lots of other rewards: the pop-up postcards, the Fairtrade shopping bags and t-shirts with different trees to choose, a touching flip-book about the cycle of life, the illustrated book published for the first exhibition of Capsula Mundi, the autographed print of the original drawing made by our designers, your tree on our virtual forest “my tree”.

We count on you!

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