On the occasion of the presentation of Capsula Mundi in New Zealand, for the worldwide event Italian Design Day, the first batch of the Capsula urns for ashes can be ordered!

Capsula Mundi urn is made with a semi hand-crafted production, using natural and biodegradable materials. Each urn is unique and comes from the expertise of Italian artisans, respecting their labor and the environment. Because the rise of a new attitude towards death and Nature should start from a production process that respects these fundamental values.

This is the beginning of a long path we hope it lead to a new awareness of the cycle of life we are part of and a specific attention to the environment.

We decided to make the first Capsula Mundi urn for ashes available in order to come in contact with the first buyers, asking them to fill a questionnaire and give us a feedback about the product. We want to know what you think about it!

The first people who will fill the order form* will be pioneers of this innovative project and they will be contacted directly by our designers.

Today Capsula Mundi becomes a reality.

Order your Capsula urn

Filling the form is not, in any case, a commitment to purchase.

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