warsaw post 2

Capsula Mundi keeps on travelling around the world. This time we have been invited to be part of the Przemiany Festival, 1-4 September at the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, Poland. It’s an annual event which combines art, science and philosophy with the aim to discuss in a transdisciplinary way about how scientific and technological advances change our everyday life and future.

The focus this year is the “Temptation of immortality” and it is addressed with a medical, social and holistic approach. A rapid development of genetic engineering and biomedicine changes our perception of health care and the ageing process. Should we consider ageing and, in consequence, infirmity and death, as an illness that should be treated or as a natural process of life?

We installed the Capsula Mundi in an area of the Centre where the immortality is faced as an “everlasting existence in the biologic cycle”. Whereas in other areas, the focus is on the longevity as an estrangement from nature and its rules.

In the vision of the Capsula Mundi project, the death is not the end but the beginning of a new life. We’ll talk about it tomorrow 3th of September during the conference “Strategy of (im)mortality”, with an outstanding Polish philosopher and an art critic. We are confident that the audience in Warsaw will be open-minded and curious.

Let’s have a look at the pictures we have taken in these days and at the web site of this stimulating and well-organized Festival!


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