Capsula Mundi has a new web site! We created it in response to the increasing interest in this project. By the articles published all over the world: Italy, UK, US, Czechoslovakia, Holland, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, France, Romania, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Brasil, Mexico, Turkey, Greece, Russia, Japan, Hungary and more. And most importantly, because you, our supporters are so many, and growing, from all the countries, asking us for information and calling on us to make Capusla Mundi a reality!

It was long time ago when we first exhibited Capsula Mundi at the international furniture fair Salone del Mobile in Milan, 2003. In the years we have been trying to promote our concept but also to sensitize people to a different approach to death.

It’s not an easy topic, we know, but we want to face this cultural taboo. Looking for a well-balanced relation with Nature is the way for a peaceful and hopeful approach to death: an ecological burial in a biodegradable urn, which leads us to the slow transformation of matter. From the egg where we born to the egg that gives us back to the Earth.

And we are not alone. In many countries, things are changing: organizations and initiatives facing are approaching death in an positive way; the green cemeteries movement is expanding and the places for natural and ecofriendly burials are increasing.

Also the Capsula Mundi project progresses with lots of news in recent months. We have new pages on Twitter and Google+, in addition to the successful Facebook page. We are exhibiting the Capsula Mundi prototype at the international art exhibition Lille 3000 (until the 17th of January). And in few days, the 29th of November, we’ll be on the stage of the Tedx in Turin to talk about Capsula Mundi. And of course this website, with a new look, more information and a blog to tell you how the project is going on.

But the most important news is that the Capsula for ashes is almost ready for production. This means that next year Capsula Mundi and its holy forest will become a reality!

In the next months, we’ll have more news and initiative, also about the Capsula for the deceased body. To keep you update we set up a newsletter. Sign in! You’ll find an easy form in the website footer.

Let us know if you like the new website and keep on following us, supporting and believing in this project. Thanks!

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