Trees have a starring role in Christmas. The Christmas tree is an ancient tradition and it dates back to the pre-Christian pagan people in North Europe. The fir’s decoration, an evergreen tree that stays alive during the winter hibernation, was done on the winter solstice, which for them fell just the 25th of December.

Also in this circumstance, the tree is a symbol of life: by the winter solstice, the daylight start to become longer and the spring is coming, the rebirth starts.

Let’s celebrate trees at Christmas time! An independent research has calculated that the annual carbon emissions associated with using a real tree every year were just one-third of those created by an artificial tree over a typical six-year lifespan. It’s been estimated that one acre of Christmas trees produces the daily oxygen requirements for 18 people.

Planting a tree indeed is always a great idea! For this reason we keep going with our project to transform cemeteries into forests. But we need also your help: make a voluntary donation and we’ll send you Capsula Mundi animated e-card to wish all your loved ones Merry Christmas!*

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