The Capsula Mundi project arose following a deep reflection on the approach to the death of our society, which is dealt with more as a taboo to be denied than a natual passage of life.

We wanted to contribute to a cultural change in order to re-balance our relationship with this unavoidable transition. We need to learn to talk about death in a natural way, as one of the multiple aspects of life, to exchange opinions and increase awareness.

“Talking about death never killed anyone”, quoting sentences read on Twitter!

On this path, we are meeting people and organizations that share the same desire of change and confrontation, to understand how we can “live the death” in a serene and aware way, as Death CafèDying MattersLet’s talk deathThe Order of the Good DeathNatural Death CentreWhen you dieEnding well and many many more you can find on our social pages!

Death is a natural and inevitable step but for those who have lost a close relative the loss is large. Can we be prepared to deal with death and loss as we deal with other significant changes in our lives? Can we make decisions about death that are in tune with the values by which we have lived our lives and that respect the environment?

We live by looking at the future and taking care of the present. This brought us to think about a tree. A tree is a legacy, an investment in the future. Our small but significant contribution, symbol of care and protection. A small gesture to fight for climate change and to thank the earth that hosted us.

Our message of life.

Is it not better to decide now how we want to be remembered, what we want to leave behind for our loved ones and for the people who’ll live on this planet after us? Is not better to bring our body in the cycle of nature where it started, in a perfect circle where it can nourish a new life?

What do you think about it?

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