It’s Halloween, let’s laugh at death!

Halloween is an amazing time when we can change the rules, we can upend the reality: kids go around in the dark, the scariest is the worthiest, deceased come back to life and death is funny!

In many cultures around the world there are similar festivities, approaching the death in a flippant way. From the Pchum Ben, in Cambodia, with buffalo races and wrestling in honour of the dead, to El dìa de los Muertos in Mexico, with its colorful and joyful celebrations for the return of relatives passed away. From the Ari Muyang, in Malaysia, with a day of dancing, to the Fet Gede, in Haiti, when people raise the dead singing, drumming, dressing up and feasting.

We need all of it. Because we need to face our fears. We need to turn the dread into play, death into a game, affliction into laughter.

Have a great scary Halloween!

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