Halloween is the celebration of death, a rare opportunity for our society to face it laughing, as it was a joke. It comes from the need to exorcize the darkness we fear. For Halloween, the scare is a trick and the death is a costume.

The roots of it go back to the pagan and pre-Christian Celtic culture, in which the Halloween night symbolized the beginning of a new year, the transition from summer to winter, the reunion of the quick and the dead. The death is celebrated in step with what was happening in Nature: during the winter, life seems to be halted but indeed it keeps going under the soil, where the deads rest.

In the Celtic culture, where all the elements of Nature, especially the trees, were holy, the death was “just a pause in a long life”, as handed down by the druid tradition, a different status, a transition.

The importance of bringing back the death into the cycle of life and getting closer to Nature, whose we are part, are some of the reflections at the base of the Capsula Mundi project.

At this time, we are working to make eventually the Capsula for the ashes available and it will be on sale very soon. Keep on following and supporting us!

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