Today is the Earth Day and we want to speak about the importance of trees for our planet and our lifes. And about how many astonishing things trees can do!

Trees give us oxygen and clean the air we breathe. According to a recent research published by the National Academy of Science of the US, in the last century, trees were able to absorb one third of all the carbon dioxide produced by humans in the planet. One tree can absorb more than 4 kilos of polluting agents every year. In 2014, US Forest Service scientists calculated that trees are preventing 670,000 incidences of acute respiratory symptoms a year.

Trees can prevent soil erosion, reduce the temperature in summer and attract birds and wildlife.

But that’s not all, trees make us happy and improve our life! A research made by the Chicago University found an actual connection between the presence of trees around us and a sense of happiness and stress reduction, as well as better health. And it’s not the only research proving this point. The author Matthew Silverstone proved scientifically that hugging trees, or being close to them, provide us physical and mental health benefits, because of the vibrational properties of plants.

Let’s plant trees instead of cutting them down. This is one of the key elements of the Capsula Mundi project. What better legacy can we leave to the Earth that hosted us, to our loved ones and to future generations?

 Happy #EarthDay!

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