Anna Citelli
I’ve been living in Milan since 1987. I currently work at a company called ASC, which I founded with two friends. We offer creative support of concept art, 3D illustration, matte painting and CGI. Prior to that I worked with advertising agencies as a freelance visualizer. This gave me the chance to design layouts for everything, from cars to fresh pasta, from cosmetics to ice cream. Milan offers interesting opportunities. In addition to my “official” work, I have illustrated children’s stories, prepared sets, worked with photographers, made mock-ups (I have made giant three-dimensional lips and rag dolls depicting famous people). I studied in Bari, in the south of Italy, where I lived from 1970 to 1987. Before that I lived in Venezuela, a wonderful country, were I was born in 1964. I have presented my work at national and international design exhibitions and my projects are published in national and international magazines.
Capsula Mundi coffins and urns


Raoul Bretzel
I live and work in Rome, Italy. I am passionate about design and the materials I use. I’m convinced that working between these two constraints (material and form) can convey the emotional impulse behind the initial idea of a project. I initially worked as an industrial designer, but I realized from a very early stage that ecological ethics are rarely respected in mass production. This prompted me to develop projects which are industrially impractical and to turn to less popular design environments. Currently, alongside the decade-long commitment on Capsule Mundi, I run a studio where I develop projects from design to concrete realization, focusing my research mainly on the potentialities of wood. I exhibited my projects in Italy and abroad and they are published in national and international magazines. The Eola lamp has been in the design collection of the MOMA Museum in New York since 1995.