Gdynia Design Days

Capsula Mundi at the Gdynia Design Days

Gdynia Design Days.

Gdynia Design Days (GDD) is a top Baltic design festival. Each edition of GDD serves as a pretext to discuss topics related to broadly-understood design.

“During Gdynia Design Days we will show that good design can become an effective tool for solving complex problems. We’ll present interesting solutions which encourage producers to be more responsible for the common good and empower consumers with knowledge to consciously impact the environment”.

Different online exhibitions exploring different themes. One of theme is “The good death”: “Is it possible to design your own death? Are our remains a danger to the natural environment? What will happen to our personal data when we’re gone? Is it possible to maintain a relationship with our loved ones after they’re gone?”.

Capsula Mundi is proud to be part of this event!

Between the 4th and the 11th of July, the Gdd will host many exhibitions and events at

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