Biodegradable urn

Dear friends, it’s a key moment: Capsula Mundi for ashes is ready to go. It’s an egg-shaped pod in smaller size, a urn made of biodegradable material and it will be for sale shortly.

We are really excited to hold it on our hands. A dream comes true.

The process was long but full of experiences. We did researches on really interesting naturally-derived materials. For the ashes pod, we chose a biodegradable polymer with a low environmental impact, because it comes from seasonal plants.

We have put all our efforts into this idea, because we believe that leaving a tree as legacy and come back to the Nature after dying is a gift to the Earth and to our loved ones. Green woods of memory instead of headstones and gray walls of niches.

But this is just the first step towards the future. The next will be putting into production the Capsula where the body of the deceased will lay down in a fetal position. To get to an industrial prototype we need some more steps: testing the materials for the bigger size of the pod, deepening the knowledge about the properties of trees and analyzing scientific and legal matters.

It’s definitely our biggest challenge. We are ready to face it with enthusiasm but we cannot do it by ourselves, we need your help.

In few weeks, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter: a collective funding in which individuals, who believe in a project, could contribute to make it happen, in exchange of rewards.

Encouraged by the strong support and interest of thousands people, we decided to take this step.

We will give you more information about it soon but from now on we would like to ask your help, by supporting the project and involving other people! So becoming a tree after death will be a free choice for everyone.  

Have a look at the gallery!

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