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We are proud to announce you that Capsula Mundi will be part of another important design and innovation event. For its 56th edition, the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Italy, celebrates the success of the SaloneSatellite with an anthological exhibition, showing the projects born in the context of this special creative space.

Capsula Mundi was shown for the first time in 2003, just within the SaloneSatellite, in the important venue of the Fiera di Milano, arousing the interest of the media. Not by chance. The SaloneSatellite has the aim to give room and visibility to innovative projects of young designers who wants to revisit everyday objects. Capsula Mundi inserted itself in this context, proposing a new vision also for the ones passed away.

SaloneSatellite. 20 Years of New Creativity” brings together a wide selection of projects presented over time within the event, exposed at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, between the 5th and the 25th of April.

They will be divided in three different design methods and approaches: the typological innovation-based approach, with a revision of traditional shapes of domestic objects, the constructive experimentation, with researches on materials and the different ways in which they could be used, and the formal innovation, with the study of everyday objects shapes reminiscent of the natural world and clearly sculptural, because even the “beauty” of an object can have deep meaning and value.

We’ll be back at SaloneSatellite with a project that is now a reality, showing the Capsula urns for ashes, the first step toward the future of memory forest.


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