The Capsula Mundi biodegradable urn is now available online on our e-commerce and it can be bought from all over the world.

Caspula Mundi tree urn is made in Italy. It comes from the expertise of Italian artisans and each urn is realised with a semi hand-crafted production, using a biodegradable polymer (bioplastic).

Once the bio urn is in the soil, it takes from few months to few years to biodegrade, depending on local climate and soil conditions. The urn is 29 cm (11,4 inches) tall and its maximum width is 22 cm (8,7 inches). The tree urn’s inner volume is 3,5 liters. The weight is about 1,4 kg (50 ounces).

The Capsula Mundi biodegradable urn is available in two versions. The Sand Capsula Mundi urn has a beige-gray tone, with evenly distributed sand particles creating the effect of a natural surface, which makes each Sand tree urn unique. The White Capsula Mundi urn is a pearly-white color, not a brilliant white, created by using fully biodegradable material in the production process. The surface has a uniform shade and with a very slightly shiny, satin finish.

The Capsula Mundi biodegradable urn is our first milestone but from now on we will work for developing also the Capsula Mundi for the body!

Now you can decide to become a tree after death and contribute with your choice to a very important cultural shift.

Planting a tree is an act of love for future generations and for the future of our planet.

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