Every year we cut down around 15 billions of trees: a dark wound on our planet. Only in United States more than 30 bilions of board feet of precious wood are used to make coffins.

Trees were on the Earth before us: they can survive without us, but we couldn’t without them!

Capsula Mundi wants to increase the care and the respect for woodlands, with an idea of reunion between human beings and Nature. How? Choosing trees as keepers of the memory of us and our loved ones.

With this choice, we’ll teach future generations to respect Nature and its balance. The trees will gain a new meaning and we’ll look at them as symbols of the past and the future.

The project comes from these reflections. We launched the crowdfunding campaign because we’d like to give you the opportunity to choose a tree to be remembered.

In 15 days we have reached more than 10.700 euros but the goal is still far.

If you’d help us we can do it!

A tree is the most amazing legacy we can leave for the future of the Planet.

Give your contribution on Kickstarter, now!

“If I thought I was going to die tomorrow, I should nevertheless plant a tree today.”  Stephen Girard

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