Capsula Mundi. Life never stops.

Capsula Mundi is a cultural and broad-based project, which envisions a different approach to the way we think about death. It's an egg-shaped pod, an ancient and perfect form, made of biodegradable material, where our departed loved ones are placed for burial. Ashes will be held in small egg-shaped biodegradable urns while bodies will be laid down in a fetal position in larger pods. The Capsula will then be buried as a seed in the earth. A tree, chosen in life by the deceased, will be planted on top of it and serve as a memorial for the departed and as a legacy for posterity and the future of our planet. Family and friends will continue to care for the tree as it grows. Cemeteries will acquire a new look and, instead of the cold grey landscape we see today, they will grow into vibrant woodlands.

Life is forever

Help us to make it real!
Cemeteries will acquire a new look: no more cold grey tombstones but living trees creating a forest, a holy forest. A place with a sentimental value, where families can stroll with kids and teach them about different trees. Let’s plant a tree for each of us and cemeteries will become forests! Thanks to Luca Mari for this video!

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Over the years, we have been invited in many exhibitions and events to present or to show Capsula Mundi, as further proof of the big interest about the project.
In 2019, we showed the prototype of the Capsula Mundi in Milan at “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival”, curated by Paola Antonelli, Senior Curator of Architecture and Design at The Museum of Modern Art in New York and in 2017, we represented the excellence of the Italian design in New Zealand, on the occasion of the Italian Design Day

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